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Q & A

  1. Q: Do you do any residential construction?
    A: No, Five Rivers Construction, Inc. does not perform any residential work.
  2. Q: Where does Five Rivers Construction, Inc. perform their work?
    A: We are currently licensed inĀ  Washington, Oregon, and Idaho with other multi-state capabilities.
  3. Q: Where can I apply to become part of the Five Rivers team?
    A: We are a union contractor and hire our crews from the union halls. We also maintain an out of work list at the office. Feel free to stop by and sign in.
  4. Q: Which union are you affiliated with?
    A: We are signatory to the Carpenter and Laborer unions.
  5. Q: Do I need to be prequalified to bid on Five Rivers Construction, Inc. projects?
    A: No; however, you must be a licensed and registered contractor and be able to meet minimum contractual requirements.
  6. Q: Can I expect bid results?
    A: Five Rivers Construction, Inc. will only contact subcontractors and suppliers used in the bid. Subcontractors and suppliers not used in bid will not be contacted to protect the integrity of our bids.
  7. Q: Does Five Rivers Construction, Inc. do any subcontract work?
    A: Yes, we will do subcontract work in relation to our WBE and DBE status.

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